Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Higher Education

As we enter the second month of something akin to a global game of FREEZE, most of us, and most institutions, have realized that “business as usual” is months away and are adapting our teaching and research and meeting habits to accommodate our new online-all-the-time reality. This adjustment has been rocky for many, especially those undertaking it without robust personal or institutional supports. For me, the calls from professors across the globe to formulate an ethics of care in their supervisory and pedagogical relationships with students, and in their collegial relationships with fellow members of the academy, have been the most heartening developments to read.

“Our emotional wake determines the story that is told about each of us in the organization.”

Take a moment to reflect on the people you admire, or those you love to work with. What kind of emotional wake do they leave behind them? What sense do you have of your own emotional wake? Because so many of our interactions with students and colleagues happen now via video conference, reading the room and having a sense of your impact on others has become even more challenging — and even more crucial.

Academic Leadership coach working with emotional intelligence & positive psychology to help scholars and administrators flourish.

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