EQ & Academia: Know Thyself!

Woman holding two coins in front of her eyes.

Two Tools to Develop Self-Awareness

If you meditate regularly, you’ll recognize the observing self from sitting in meditation, being aware of your thoughts as they arise and then drift away. Your practice of letting the thoughts just be, without latching onto them and following them into a story about you and your past or your future, is a key ingredient in reflection and developing self-awareness.

Self Management — the next step

Self management is what comes to mind when we think of EQ — a person’s ability to modulate their emotions and not get carried away by the feeling in the moment. We are able to manage ourselves best when we are aware of our emotions and of the “emotional wake” of our actions in the environment that others experience around us.



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Jennifer Askey

Jennifer Askey

Academic Leadership coach working with emotional intelligence & positive psychology to help scholars and administrators flourish.